Battery End Headquarters

Battery End has been our home for 60 years and it had a long life even before we moved in. As the Building comes to the end of its life, We wanted to celebrate its glorious history from working mans club, its role in the Second World War, Social hub, and of course Scout Hut.

Please find below a potted history of this amazing old building


Lot 21 of Cromwell Road (now Battery End), Land bought from Thomas William Chivers of Rose Cottage, Wash Common for the sum of £20.00. (£2,363.40 in todays money)


The first part of the of the hut was built as a working mens club and named Club Hall



The building was extended by adding the main hall area, creating the large airy space we know today


Soldiers billet The Lancashire Fusiliers, followed by The Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry

Eileen Barnes According to my old neighbour, the Battery End hut was used for fund-raising during the war (while the men were serving in the forces) to clear the common along Stuart Road of gorse etc. that grew there and thats how we have a lovely park there today. They had regular whist drives, jumble sales and the like

Aparently, during the WW2 the building was also divided into sections where 6 or 7 refugee famililes alegedly lived, though we cannot currently find any evidence for this


Cub pack started in 1957 by Mrs Mister and Mrs Wilcox, though the building was still very much a community facility. Rene Hanks was involved with the running a whist drive and also Reg Hanks ran a Rock and Roll club on a Monday night. Mrs Jennings providing the refreshments with soft drinks from the Newbury Mineral Company.


For the coronation of mer majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a Childrens Coronation Party was held in the hut.


The Wash Common Scout section starts in November by Mr Shelton and Mr L Dalby, there were 7 Boys


November 1964

Second Cub Pack formed by Miss Dalby

September 1965

Second Scout troop was formed

St Francis De Sales Catholic Church set up back in the 60s and used the hut as a makeshift Church for Sunday masses. They then obtained the barn and land at Warren Road, and built their new church in the converted barn

Dances, Friday night Youth Club 21st Birthday party

The Club SIX run by Father Birt from St Georges

Monday night Club Ann Worthington met her husband


I used to go to the Tuesday night club in the early 70s. Great fun. Dave James disco, hubbly bubbly, Vimto and the odd bottle of home made wine or a bottle of sherry sneaked in. Still friends with people I met there. Run by Phil Barnett and a teacher from St Barts

Tuesday night youth club with disco

Square dancing on Tuesday nights


Gifted to the Scout Association by Wash Common Working mans club it was run by 3 elderly gentlemen, the trustees were Fred Brown, Maurice Chivers and Thomas Dyke who were happy to be rid of the responsibility of the hut!


Dalby Akela Daphne Gibby cubs picking out worms from the rotten floorboards

Cromwell Leader Ashley, Falkland Leader Skip John Rowlands

GSL Charles Lewis


Beaver Section opens at Wash Common, Ian Daniels was one of the original members

Eileen Finch Mister Pack Wednesday


Second Beaver Section opens.

Dave stork Hill Falkland Troop

Eugene Futcher Cromwell Troop


Geoff Bodin Falkland Troop Leader, assistant Leaders Rob Daniels, Paul Fisher, Stu Meades

The hut gets remodelled. Stores extended, kitchen moved and section cupboard spaces extended

Eileen Barnes I replaced my daughter-in-law as parent helper when my grandson was a Beaver (hes 23 now). The children were playing a game in the dark where they had to get from one end of the hall to the other without being caught. All well and good until one little darling kicked his legs back before running, caught me and I fell down, finishing the evening at Royal Berks Hospital with fractured right arm and leg.

GSL Colin Chandler



Hut closes for 6 months for remedial repairs costing £12,000


plans begin to replace Scout hut on the original site,

GSL Eugene Futcher, Philip Davy, Rob Daniels

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